What kind of leader are you in a crisis?

In time of crisis, it is more important than ever for strong leadership in business. Your leadership style that served you well during ‘normal’ conditions may not serve you as well during a crisis. Do you know how to adapt and what you need to do? Some leaders freeze! Button down the hatches and when […]

How do you maintain your GOOD mental health today?

How is your good mental health today?   Mental Health week is great to raise awareness and break down the stigmas but like everything else we have mental health for 52 weeks of the year. When we talk about mental health, it is usually about what to do when our mental health has suffered some […]

Individual Coaching – Expectations

What you can expect from your coach? The role of coach provides a kind of support distinct from any other. Your coach will focus solely on your situations with the kind of attention and commitment that you rarely experience elsewhere. Your coach will listen to you, with a genuine curiosity to understand who you are, […]

Why Do People Have Coaching?

Why is Coaching? People enlist the services of a coach because they want to improve their situations and achieve goals. They want to learn new ways of thinking and approaching situations, in order to get better results. Common goals might be being more effective and organised at work, gaining confidence in certain situations, or simply […]

What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?   Coaching is a form of development, where a Coach supports you (a coachee) to create learning, self- development and improved performance in a way that benefits you. From early forms of transportation, i.e. stage coach, or rail coach, the word “coaching” literally means to transport someone from one place to another. […]