Measuring profit is a lagging indicator. What drives your business?

Social Responsibility: Measuring profit is a lagging indicator   What are the leading indicators that drive your organisation? How socially responsible is your organisation?   Inputs vs outputs? Measuring expenditure, profit and loss have been what we have always done. It is institutionalised into our financial processes and procedures and measured quarterly and annually. If […]

Are you a sustainability angel?

Sustainability Do you want to do more for society, the planet and its people but not sure how? I recently became a CSR Angel I care about Corporate Social Responsibility and it is sometimes hard to find more and more ways to ‘do our bit’ for the planet and its people in our already busy […]

What is Coaching?

What is Coaching?   Coaching is a form of development, where a Coach supports you (a coachee) to create learning, self- development and improved performance in a way that benefits you. From early forms of transportation, i.e. stage coach, or rail coach, the word “coaching” literally means to transport someone from one place to another. […]