What kind of leader are you in a crisis?

In time of crisis, it is more important than ever for strong leadership in business.

Your leadership style that served you well during ‘normal’ conditions may not serve you as well during a crisis. Do you know how to adapt and what you need to do?

  • Some leaders freeze! Button down the hatches and when the crisis is over, pick up the pieces and try carry on as before.
  • Some leaders want lots of information. Information is good to make informed decisions but quite often in a crisis information can be sketchy, inaccurate and forever changing. Good leaders must make decisions on limited information sometimes.
  • Some leaders are braver and can trust their gut feeling. I am coaching a couple of leaders at the moment who have said the Covid 19 crisis has given them the burning platform to make changes they have known for a while have needed to be made.

Day-to-day decisions still need to be made and a crisis should not paralyse you for routine business management, however it is crucial that a good leader also spends quality time and engages with their team to adjust and use the crisis as an opportunity to improve the business as well.

Short term and long-term decisions need to be considered and a separate 2020 business plan needs to run parallel to the regular business plan. What are one-off actions and decisions because of the crises and what will be adopted for the long term?

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