Jennifer Clark Consulting

Sustainability Consultancy
Executive Coaching

Do you want to support and grow the number of women in your business?

I am passionate and fully qualified to support women in engineering positions, diversifying workforce and improving performance.

I have 28 years’ experience in the industry and bring real life experience to support my clients’ in reaching their goals and that of the companies.

A well-managed diverse workforce increases innovation, collaboration, performance and profitability.

I fully understand how to support individuals and their business goals and was part of a team that started a female mentoring and coaching programme at Skanska.

Through coaching I can help in:

  • Supporting individuals with new challenges, promotions, career changes or to be more influential and efficient, and
  • Supporting businesses with their people development programmes, including new hires, emerging talent and future leaders.

A well-managed and diverse workforce within your company increases wellbeing/good mental health, collaboration, innovation and ultimately productivity and profitability.

“Support through coaching can make all the difference to attract and retain more high performing women to and in your business.”

Jennifer Clark

Executive Coaching

I provide executive coaching to senior members of an organisation. This can be general coaching or coaching with added sustainability goals. I am particularly interested in developing and supporting senior women.

Sustainability Consulting

Making sense of sustainability for you and your business. Review, report, recommendations for a companies strategy, providing re-assurance to stakeholders (staff, clients, customers, suppliers, regulators and investors).