Are you a sustainability angel?

Do you want to do more for society, the planet and its people but not sure how?
I recently became a CSR Angel

I care about Corporate Social Responsibility and it is sometimes hard to find more and more ways to ‘do our bit’ for the planet and its people in our already busy lives.

Supporting the Corporate Social Responsibility Accreditation (CSRA) scheme is my latest way to inspire and encourage small to medium size businesses. The CSRA shows step by step ways to get more involved with CSR from a business and planet/people perspective. What I particularly like about this accreditation scheme is that it takes a broad approach to sustainability covering: workplace, community, philanthropy and the environment. Sometimes it can be easier to engage staff, customers and investors on the people aspects of a business than the environmental issues such as carbon and climate change. All are important but it is really about all of us trying to move in the right direction for society.

Positive CSR improves a company’s public image and relationships with staff, clients and customers. I have helped companies and charities through the CSRA process and it has helped shine a spot light on an organisations’ existing good practise, its systems and areas where improvements can be made.

Call me on 07921264517 if you want to find out more but were always a little afraid to ask. Its often of peoples ‘to do list’ but often not quite sure how to start.

Visit for more information about becoming CSR accredited.